"MOnday Morning"


Em possible is a singer, songwriter, & musician in the mile high city.

“In that moment I knew something had to change, all the secrets I’d been keeping were coming out to play.”

Em Possible has been singing since before she could talk. She grew up in a home where she was required to play an instrument, and after she picked up an acoustic guitar, that became her second instrument of choice (first, being her voice). She says “Once I had a six string in my hands, it felt like home.” What started as a hobby grew into her creating her own songs, then sharing them. Em grew up listening to all styles of music, and that is evident in her style of writing/singing.

Em Possible has been invited to officially perform and speak at two separate TEDx events. She took the stage the first time at TEDxCU “Game Changer” in April of 2018, and again at TEDxCherryCreek Women “Showing Up” in November of 2018.

Her latest release “Time” is a side project she started with her guitar player in May of 2018, that went live in November of 2018. Prior to that, she released her EP “It’s Not Me, It’s Them” in October of 2017 with her full band; Ted Kleist (guitarist from Nobide), Johnny Bosbyshell (keyboardist from Eminence Ensemble), Tate Ignelzi (drummer from The Guestlist), Stephen “Eski” Edwards (bassist for A-Mac & The Height) and saxophone player Joe Lilly. Ranging from funky-soul to stripped down singer/songwriter vocals, these two projects showcase her vocal ability and versatility.

Her latest album "Time” is available on  iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and more.

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